Digitization in retail

Digitization in retail If you go to a shop and want to make larger purchases, you rightly expect competent advice. In fact, one of retail’s

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Das Einkaufszentrum der Zukunft (Teaser)
The shopping center of the future

In the USA, experts assume that up to 25% of all shopping centers will close within the next 5 years. ????
The fact is, shopping centers cannot completely reinvent their business model, but they have to change. ????

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Dezentrale Unternehmen (Teaser)
Decentralized companies – hurdles in online marketing

Online marketing for decentralized companies – what are the typical hurdles ❓
Even if the logo is always the same: sometimes Edeka is also called Edeka Schmitt or Edeka Meyer or similar ????

We are talking about decentralized companies – and it is precisely here that setting up a uniform online marketing strategy is difficult.

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Lokale Influenzer (Teaser)
Local Influencers 2021

Marketing by local influencers in 2021 – how does it work? ????

According to a statistic from 2019, a whopping 90% of all customers use the internet to find local shops. 82% also read reviews online.

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