Decentralized companies – hurdles in online marketing

Online marketing for decentralized companies – what are the typical hurdles ❓

Even if the logo is always the same: sometimes Edeka is also called Edeka Schmitt or Edeka Meyer or similar 🤔

We are talking about decentralized companies – and it is precisely here that setting up a uniform online marketing strategy is difficult.

It is about the relationship between the central management (corporate center) and the various business units.

👉 Strategic planning – The strategy of the business units is determined by their own company management

👉 Marketing Control – The Corporate Center determines the overall marketing strategy – but the implementation on site is left to the individual managers

👉 Individual units often lack the time, knowledge and resources to implement independent online campaigns

So either uniform marketing is used for all locations or not – both have corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

Software and a systematic approach can help. You can find possible approaches in the comments. 😎

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