Corona Innovation – what will remain?

During the Corona Pandemic, retailers had to be creative. New concepts have been introduced to keep stores open. ✌

But what will remain after the pandemic? 🔮

✨Click & Collect. Customers order in advance and then pick up in store – old hat in itself. In the meantime, many customers have acquired a taste for it. Discover a product on the Internet and pick it up in store.

✨ Home delivery. Customers get advice in the store. Buy and pay there. Then it will be delivered to your home. Customers who are increasingly shopping online expect this. Local delivery services will benefit.

✨ Shops are visited differently. Employees are working more from home. This will remain so even after the pandemic. For this reason, the shop opening times will become even more flexible. Peak times change.

✨Plexiglas panes and disinfectant spray. Measures that protect the checkout staff have been purchased and will remain with us. Customers are used to it. Employees are also protected from other infections.

The pandemic will soon be over and shops will be able to open normally again. But the convergence of online and offline shopping will remain. ✌

Corona innovation