Takko analysis: Local online campaigns achieve the highest click-through rates in these countries

Takko-Analyse - lokale Online-Kampagnen mit Localyzer
  • Takko Fashion evaluates over 30,000 online campaigns in collaboration with the online marketing platform Localyzer
  • The results show the benefits of location personalization
  • Event campaigns are best received by consumers

Since 2022, the online platform Localyzer has been supporting the German fashion company Takko Fashion in reaching potential customers geographically with online advertising measures. The two companies have now analyzed over 30,000 Takko campaigns in seven different countries. The average click rates of ads in November 2022 to November 2023 were analyzed. The data from the study illustrates the positive influence of location personalization.

Average click-through rate in France is 11.1 percent

The click-through rate of a campaign is the percentage ratio between the number of clicks and the number of ad impressions. In a country comparison, local advertising is most popular with the target group in France with a click rate of 11.1%. This is followed by the Netherlands with 8.3 percent. Campaigns in Italy also achieve a comparatively good click-through rate – here the rate is 4.9%.

In addition to Italy, ads in Germany are also very effective, although Germany is slightly behind the other countries in the study – here, 26 clicks are still achieved for every 1,000 ad impressions. This means that the click rate for online advertising measures in Germany remains at a very good 2.6%. The Czech Republic came last in the survey with a click rate of 1.7%. The reasons for the differences between countries could be due to various factors such as brand awareness in the country or cultural differences, but also how users perceive local advertising.

Local social media ads click best in the Netherlands

If the campaigns are broken down into social media and Google Ads, a slightly different picture emerges. In terms of social media campaigns, the Netherlands is in first place. The average click rate is an impressive 8.3 percent. With a difference of almost 5.7 percentage points and a click-through rate of 2.6%, Romania secured second place in the study. But social media ads are also promising in France (2.4 percent) – at least in the fashion industry.

The fact that Google advertising is generally even more relevant than social media ads is demonstrated by the leader, France: the average click-through rate for Google Ads campaigns there is 20.1%. Poland is in second place with a CTR of 15.2 percent. The bronze medal for local Google Ads goes to Germany, which has a click-through rate of almost 15 percent.

Event advertising has the highest click-through rate in the study

Coupons, events or sales: there are numerous campaigns to reach potential customers locally. However, advertising for events such as annual anniversaries or store birthdays generated the highest click-through rate in the analysis at around four percent. This was followed by sales and price reductions (2.7 percent) and coupons (1.8 percent).

Julia Jumpertz, Team Lead Media Management at Takko Fashion, comments: “We are happy that Localyzer has given us a precise insight into our campaigns and enabled us to develop further in this way. With its online platform for digital location marketing, Localyzer provides us with a tool that allows us to work efficiently. By automating online campaigns, we can reach customers in eight different countries at the touch of a button – on a store-specific, local basis.”

Matthias Lange from Localyzer adds: “The success of local campaigns depends on many factors. Every country has its own preferences and perceptions, which is why local campaigns work differently depending on the country. Takko Fashion has recognized this – depending on the region, the fashion company personalizes campaigns and focuses on relevant content for their target group. In general, the more specific and personalized a campaign is, the more successful it is. This applies not only to the country, but also to each individual region and location. This is what makes location personalization so important in the online sector.”

About the study

Over 30,000 social media and Google Ads campaigns from Takko Fashion in eight different countries were analyzed for the study. The data was taken from Localyzer’s database and covers the period from November 2022 to November 2023. All countries with at least 30 campaigns were included.

About Localyzer

Localyzer is an online software for local online marketing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other websites. The product enables brands to implement customized local online campaigns for an unlimited number of locations – multichannel. The online platform automates the entire creation of thousands of campaigns and thus ensures the necessary local relevance. Up-to-date information about Localyzer can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and X (Twitter).

About Takko Fashion

Takko Fashion operates almost 2,000 quality discount stores in 17 European countries. The company offers high-quality fashion collections at an attractive price in online and stationary retail stores. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, the alliance for sustainable textiles and partner of Better Cotton, Takko Fashion is committed to sustainable and responsible production conditi