How do you add a pinch of locality to many locations?

Compliant, but still individualised. How does this work for many locations?

Recognisability is important so that customers know exactly what they can expect from retailers and service providers. We would much rather rely on familiar quality than try something new.

How do you still bring a spark of individuality to the advertising messages for local online marketing?

This is how it works for us:

💡 Our customers upload an advertising template that is used for all locations – i.e. a unique template for all shops.

📌 To get closer to the local target group, a well-known face in the city – for example the owner – or a local saying can be added individually to the template.

👉 This maintains conformity, but adds a little personalised proximity to the residents of the location. Depending on the user’s location, the appropriate advertising messages are then automatically displayed – for example on social media.

Local online marketing doesn’t have to mean extra work!