Digitization in retail

If you go to a shop and want to make larger purchases, you rightly expect competent advice.

In fact, one of retail’s greatest assets is its high level of expertise. ✨

❗️ But stationary retailers also have to keep up with the times. ❗️

🔥 Tablets. Even salespeople cannot know all the specifications by heart. Customers also expect to find out additional information such as availability or variants directly in the sales pitch.

🔥 Mobile payments. It is possible that the classic cash register will die out soon. Via mobile payment, customers can pay directly with their mobile phone or the salesperson can carry out the checkout process anywhere in the store.

🔥 Digital catalogues. The shopping brochure will soon no longer exist, because almost every consumer uses Internet-enabled devices anyway. In addition, digital catalogs save mountains of paper and can contain offers that are most relevant to the respective customer.

👉 No question: The retail trade is facing a comprehensive digitization of the sales pitch. Customers expect that.

But sellers can also benefit, as they can better guide you through the range. 💪


Digitization in retail