Local Influencers 2021

Marketing by local influencers in 2021 – how does it work? 🤓

According to a statistic from 2019, a whopping 90% of all customers use the internet to find local shops. 82% also read reviews online.

In other words, a vital online presence is extremely beneficial for local businesses. A smart trick is to use local influencers.

Local influencers are people or institutions that have a certain reach in the region. They don’t have to be world famous – it’s enough if the people are a little known locally.

How do you find such people? Here are three ideas.

👉 Local reviews are a good way to search for brand ambassadors – eg on Google Maps.

👉 Local blogs and mini news sites from the region are often happy about local content – and can become perfect cooperation partners

👉 Browse hashtags on social media – especially the local ones. In this way, local but wide-ranging profiles can be found.

Yes, influencer marketing means work first.

But it can pay off. 🚀

Local Influencers