The shopping center of the future

In the USA, experts assume that up to 25% of all shopping centers will close within the next 5 years. 🤔

The fact is, shopping centers cannot completely reinvent their business model, but they have to change. 👉

What could the mall of the future look like? 🔍

🔮 Experience center. Maybe we won’t come just to shop anymore. It is possible that attractions such as roller coasters or artificial ski slopes will lure us into the shopping malls.

🔮 Residential center. A hybrid between shopping, services and living could be interesting for a certain segment. We are talking about seniors or single people. Centers for this target group are already being established in Japan.

🔮 Improvement Centers. Malls could turn into huge product laboratories. Psychologists, marketers and product developers observe customers and analyze their behavior. In return, customers receive lucrative offers.

🔮 Fan Centers. Malls could be about attitude or a fandom. Imagine a vegan shopping center or mall in the colors of a well-known football club.

Tomorrow’s success will belong to shopping centers that are ready to move with the times. 🔥

The shopping center of the future