What are geotags actually?

Geotags are links to media such as photos, videos or social media posts with locations. They are mostly shared on social media, but can also be used for marketing purposes. ⚙️

📌 Such links already play an important role in local search queries such as “Restaurant in Berlin”. This is especially the case with map-based searches.

📌Geotags also help to better understand customer behavior. If you know which services are used frequently in a region, you can tailor your offering accordingly.

📌 In addition, your own brand will be strengthened. Because users can link their location in such a way that their own shop or restaurant is related to places of interest.

📌 However, with geotags, care must be taken to ensure that the links are precise. Business addresses should be deposited with relevant card providers and social networks.

📌So that your own location is also perceived as a point of interest by the algorithm, it is worth linking meaningful pictures and descriptions.

Geotags will play an even more important role in the future. While pinpoint targeting based on local data is still in its infancy, the potential is huge.✨

Geotags im Einzelhandel
Geotags in retail