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for local Online-Marketing

The Online-Platform for local online marketing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other websites, in all advertising formats, fully location-personalized & brand-compliant

Digital Marketing
Local Online Marketing for your local stores and physical locations

Empower your local branches and stores. Our system enables local brands and stores to create highly efficient, targeted local online marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, Youtube and many more high traffic websites. Personalized, brand compliant, multi-channel.

Innovative Software
Simplify your digital brand marketing operations

Branches and local stores are reaching out to local audiences — provided with branded marketing materials supplied by the corporate, and with materials they create on their own. Find the right balance between maintaining control and simplifying workflows by using our software so you can focus on the big picture.

Why Localyzer?

5.000 Campaigns / Month

Our self software automates the campaign process from booking to detailed daily reporting. This makes us highly scalable.

>6.000 locations

From insurance companies to car manufacturers to garden centers: Leading companies successfully promote their local stores and branches with Localyzer.

in <10 minutes

Use the self-booking portal or our managed service: It has never been easier and faster to realize a local online campaign. And that multi-channel (search, banner, social, video).

1.500 Support-Chats

Even in our highly automated system, a support representative is always available via live chat, email, phone, screen sharing, webinars, and on-site training. At the end of the day, people help people!

1.000 Landingpages

You don’t have an adequate landing page for your campaign? No problem, our system will automatically create a landing page for your campaign / location, if needed. For some customers and campaigns this is a performance booster.


We have been certified by Google. This means that we have proven that we can implement campaigns effectively and efficiently and have set up corresponding structures that promise our customers sustainable success.

Most used ad formats and advertising channels

Please contact our  experts to get a complete list of ad formats and advertising channels.

Video advertising

Personalized video advertising on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Emotional branding with high advertising impact. Video advertising currently has the highest growth rates and promises great success for your brand – especially locally.


Social Image Ads

Instagram, the network of images and inspirations, enables you to address customers emotionally and achieve a high advertising impact for your local offer.
Target potential customers who share the right interests on Facebook with your ad and strengthen your brand awareness at the same time.


Google Search

Google Search Ads. Reach targeted prospects who are looking for an offer or service from your company. The classic entry-level advertising channel for local online marketing and the basis for long-term success.

Animated html5 banner

Animated HTML5 local banner advertising. Target potential customers who are visiting topic-relevant websites and strengthen your brand awareness at the same time. Banners are displayed on local news sites but also on high-reach websites.

Personalizable Ads Templates
One template, any number of ad variants

All our ad formats for your local online marketing campaign can be customized. Texts, images, overlays. Static and for video ads. All while adhering to your specified framework.

And best of all: an ad template is created only once for each topic (e.g. car insurance) and channel (e.g. banner) and is reused or customized by all local sites.

That means there are only one-time creation costs per theme/channel and not for each individual location.

Feedback from our customers

The next big thing
Personalized videos - it has never been more easy!

Video ads have a very high advertising impact. This is especially true for local online marketing. You can easily give your brand and / or national videos a local focus. And as a “goodie”: in addition to being targeted as a local online marketing campaign on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., your local sites can download the personalized video and post it directly to your social media channels. It couldn’t be easier!

Lokales Online Marketing - Integration via API
Fully automated
Fully integrated via API

We use the application programming interfaces (API) to Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Adforms and many others.

Your local online marketing campaigns are automatically created by our software. As we do pull all up-to-date performance data programatically. This makes us highly scalable. Whether 100 or 10,000 campaigns – we create all local online marketing campaigns automatically via software.  This has a positive effect on costs and quality for you.