“Everyone knows us here!”

Many shops and service companies have been at the same location in a city for years or generations. Does local online marketing still have any effect here or can it be dispensed with?

💡 Residents of a city are subject to fluctuation. Some leave, others move in. Especially when you are new to a city, you look for new “regular shops” and the best and quickest way to find them is online.

🗣 Word of mouth can also work, but not everyone is always talking to their neighbours. A neighbourhood search often seems to be the easier way.

📌 Even if your city is not a tourist magnet, visitors can come for a variety of reasons and need something spontaneously. Here, too, people prefer to use their smartphones.

Showing a presence in the digital space therefore also makes sense if you have been in the same location for a long time.

Digital online marketing shows the right way for customers!

Is a local approach even necessary with so many branches?

The term local online marketing can give the impression that it is only relevant for businesses and services that are limited to a few postcode areas. However, it does not necessarily have to compete with regional or national advertising measures.

💡 Many customers love a local face and give it an edge in terms of trust – even if there are entrepreneurs with many branches behind it.

📍 With local online marketing, a uniform message can be customised for each location – one template, many variations.

👉 This quickly transforms you from a “large corporation” to a local hero in the minds of potential customers.

The best way to achieve this is through marketing on social media, as the right advertising can be targeted very specifically at the right (local) target group.

Local online marketing works for any size of company!

Search engines are the shopping streets of the digital age

It is important to position your local business well in the real world. In city centres in particular, a distinction is made between “locations”. A prime location is directly on the main shopping street, 1B is more likely to be at a junction and so on.

👓 Local location marketing in the digital world is not much different. Whoever is seen first has a better chance of customers entering the shop or website.

🏢 In addition to advertising measures in social media, the “shopping street search engine” is particularly relevant. Especially when users are looking for a product or service for the location, you should be in the front row.

📌 You can achieve exactly that with SEA. You get a prime location and it doesn’t depend on the size. It doesn’t matter whether you have one shop or many branches. Anyone can make themselves visible locally and catch the eye of customers.

👉 Then you can impress with your quality, good advice and excellent service. Even the best concept won’t work without visibility!