About us

A New Startup

After a career as software developer, consultant, project manager, enterprise architect and IT director - mostly in the retail / ecommerce sector in an international environment - Jörg Kurzendörfer founded axregio3 GmbH with a partner.

A New Journey

Matthias Lange, former Executive Assistant and Project Manager at United Internet Media as well as Business Development Manager at Stellwerk3 starts as Executive Manager at axregio3 GmbH.

Ende 2017
Natural Fit

The two quickly realized that they shared common ideas regarding product, business model and company culture. This led to the joint founding of Localyzer GmbH in 2017. 

Seed Investment

mmb media agentur GmbH and effisma.group GmbH & Co. KG see the potential of Localyzer GmbH and acquire minority shares.  This secured our further growth.

First Strategic Customer

Localyzer GmbH wins ERGO Group AG as its first strategic customer. A stroke of luck for the young company. ERGO's high level of professionalization helps Localyzer GmbH enormously to adapt its product and processes to the requirements of a modern and visionary company.

Founder Award

Localyzer wins 3rd place at the Founder's Prize of the Baden-Württemberg Savings Bank Association. It is important for us that "outsiders" also recognize the potential of our company.

And again Founder's Prize

Localyzer GmbH wins the 1st place at the Gründerpreis Rems-Murr. And with the 5,000€ prize money we really party with the colleagues 😁. After all, it's their prize!

Further growth

Localyzer is performing very well and is winning more important customers in the automotive, telecommunications, banking and consumer goods sectors.

First customer outside Germany

Electrolux Switzerland is Localyzer's first customer outside Germany. Electrolux uses the Localyzer platform to realize local online marketing for its independent dealers in Switzerland. And this in German, Italian and French. Shortly after, we win Canon Switzerland.  Canon realizes local online marketing for its B2B stores with Localyzer.


Localyzer is profitable! We can hardly believe it: after quite a short time we are profitable. Which is remarkable for a startup in the platform business. 


The Corona pandemic in 2020 is also a surprise for us, but after the initial "moment of shock", it is becoming clear that the crisis is also acting as a catalyst for our customers' digitization initiatives.  Digitization is now being implemented more quickly and with higher priority.  As a platform provider, we are also benefiting from this.

Fit for 2022

We feel well equipped for the 2022. A fantastic team, an innovative product, a good financial situation and visonary customers. What more do we need?

DMEXCO again at last
Endlich wieder DMEXCO

Finally meeting customers and prospects in person again. DMEXCO 2022 was a great success.

Solution for centrally organized customers

Our self-booking tool for local businesses is well-known in the market. For central multi-channel campaigns, we have developed our bulk booking tool. Thousands of fully individualized campaigns with just a few clicks. This allows us to offer a perfect solution even to centrally organized customers like Takko.