Video instead of text: what’s the point?

Everyone knows the classic assembly instructions for devices and furniture. Hundreds of items and tons of steps to follow. Even the best illustrations and explanatory texts do not always help, because everyone has a different understanding and individual apprehension.

📹 For some people a text would be enough, but you can never really go wrong with a video. Such a video is an obvious advantage for the assembly of furniture, because you can observe every step with your eyes and possibly also hear further explanations with your ears. This is much more catchy in the brain than a long continuous text.

📹 But a well-made video should not be underestimated for the presentation of products either. Instead of photographing the product from countless angles and describing the functions, you can also do it all in a video. The customer also has a real impression of the product, for example the size or handling. Of course, good video quality is important so that the product appears “in the right light” in the truest sense.

In addition, such videos can also reduce the number of queries for support and are perceived as convenient by the customer. 👍

Video statt Text: Was bringt das?