Local offer: Digitize anyway?

Online trading is booming. The number of orders on the Internet is constantly increasing. What if I can’t send my services and if they only take place locally?

Is it worth going digital at all? 🤔

🏪 It doesn’t always have to be an online shop to use the digital space sensibly. Service providers can also take advantage of the opportunities and win new customers.

🏪 People keep moving to a new city, are only there temporarily or want to discover something new. You don’t know your way around, but you might still want to go to the hairdresser, book a massage or simply try out another provider. With such keywords, you should appear as a service provider in the search, especially locally.

🏪 A few nice pictures with short texts, a list of the services and the contact information are sufficient for the beginning. In addition, an online appointment booking is easy to realize. If the organic online reach is not sufficient, paid local ads on Google are a good way to reach users quickly.

🏪 For the presence in the digital space it is not important whether you act globally or locally. You just have to generate attention and then the performance and good service will convince you. This way you get more customer inquiries and good ratings.

Are you active on the internet (and social media)?

Local offer: digitize anyway?