Local car workshop: what is possible online?

Many retailers are recommended to have their own website and online shop. What about a local car repair shop, for example? What can you achieve with a good online presence and isn’t an entry in the yellow pages enough?

🔧 Even the basic information on your own website can provide a lot of clarity for the customer. With opening hours, contact information and services offered, every visitor knows exactly what to get.

🔧 If you want to relieve your own office even further, you can even set up an online appointment and thus save a lot of time on the phone. If you want to be even more customer-friendly, you can install a status query for the order number, which can then be used to call up the progress of the order.

🔧 In addition, you can of course point out promotions (e.g. winter tires) and link your own channels in social media. There, too, offers and promotions are always helpful for the reach. Very ambitious workshops could even make short “how-to” videos explaining basic problems.

So a lot is possible. In any case, the basic information should be provided on your own website.

Lokale KFZ-Werkstatt: Was ist online möglich?