Is advice still important? Information source search engine

“Crap, now I have the device but I don’t have the right tool to set it up. What am I taking?” Bad purchases are very common on the Internet. One factor for this is of course the quality, which usually promises more on the pictures than it later delivers.

🍜 But missing information can make online shopping difficult. You order a product and then realize that it is not or not well suited for the desired purpose.

🍜 Of course there are also information texts and videos, but in most cases these do not replace professional advice.

🍜 That’s why the expertise in the local shop or in the online shop is an important source of information. In the local shop, of course, it’s easy because the customer can examine and touch the products. But also in the online shop you can specifically point out the variety of uses of the goods and also mention the suitability for various activities.

🍜 Advice is still an important aspect of shopping, whether it takes place locally or online. The better the products are described and presented, the happier the customer is.

You should pay attention to that!

Ist Beratung noch wichtig