Advertising: offline or online?

Do I invest in advertising online or offline? Over the past few years, the relationship between the two options has come closer and closer. While in 2013 just 29% of advertising investments were in online advertising, by 2021 it will be around 46%. 😏

Of course you don’t have to decide for one or the other advertising medium, but you should be aware of the effect of online advertising.

🎴 Due to the large amount of user data, very precise forecasts can now be made for customer wishes and shopping behavior. Target group orientation is therefore much easier and the advertising arrives exactly where potential customers are.

🎴 The flyer in the mailbox can also have an effect, but so can an ad on social media. You should use the added value from both worlds and benefit twice over.

🎴 Especially local offers are treated separately by search engines and only displayed for the interested audience. So if the customer is looking for a local gardener, he will find him without having to rummage through hundreds of entries.

A professional online campaign is always worthwhile

Werbung: Offline oder Online?