Vouchers: Value or Percentage?

Whether you get a 10% discount on a purchase value of 50 € or 5 € given as a gift is not decisive in the final settlement. So does it make any difference which option you reveal to the customer?

❕ Here, it essentially depends on the individual perception. But the fact is that a fixed value is more tangible. The customer knows exactly: “Here I save exactly 5 euros”. As soon as he has reached the minimum order value, he has the certainty of the saving.

💡 Percentage discounts do not have to have a minimum order value, but percentages are always associated with the ‘effort’ of calculating. A dynamic display of how much the customer would save with the current shopping basket helps here.

👉 Of course, combinations are also possible, but the spread of the vouchers is even more important. If one appears on large search engines of discounts, this increases the click rate and also the sales.

The effect of vouchers and discounts is proven and a popular advertising tool in retail. 👍

The great art here is implementation and visibility. Cross-media is best!