The font: A lot of statement, little effort

Just as a beautiful handwriting can be a trademark, so is the font in the digital space. The selection is large and you are sure to have found a few favourites quickly.

Is what you like allowed here?

🔠 The font is also an art form digitally – from simple and clear font style to squiggles and outlines.

🔠 First of all, however, you should establish a connection to your own trade or service. As a hotel, a fancy font with squiggles looks classy and high-class. In a hardware store, a different font would perhaps be more appropriate.

🔠 It also depends on the target group and exact specifications cannot be made here. Of course, there are professionals in this field who can advise on this. The difference between some fonts is only very subtle.

❗ However, it is important that the final result is also pleasing to the retailer or service provider. You should identify with it 100 %.

👉 By the way, you can also embellish individual sections with handwritten ‘letters’ or your own signature. This gives a particularly personal touch.

So the right font is important!