The address: Formal or informal?

The approach says a lot about the relationship between two people. Consequently, it also plays a crucial role in sales and can contribute equally to success and failure.

🗨 The informal address With the wrong person, it can be perceived as disrespectful and diminish the first impression. In the online shop and social media, a informal and personal language creates a closer bond and puts you on the same level.

🗨 The formal address It radiates respectability, but can be understood as antiquated, especially by younger people. At the lawyer’s or other very formal services, you should continue to use the first form of address, but not in the shop for skating accessories.

🗨 In the local shop, you see the person and, with enough professional experience, you can judge very well how to address them – but in the online shop, all groups of people come.

📌 You should take a close look at your target group and choose the best way to address them. In general, courtesy, support and respect towards customers is always appropriate.

The address should be chosen carefully!