Special Promotions: What is possible online?

The campaigns are known from local shops. Of course, discount coupons are still among the most popular offers, as is the general ‘sale’.

❓ What is possible on the internet? Can you get even more creative here?

❗ Creative is always good, because coupons are plentiful on the internet. Of course, they are still used with pleasure, but it is no longer something “special”.

🙌 Success experiences – that’s how you get the customers sooner. The prize can then still be special offers and discounts, but you just feel special when you earn these coupons or win them through luck.

🙌 For example, a simple little game on your own website or on social media can already lead to interest. Here the customer can then do something once or repeatedly to earn a discount or maybe even a voucher for goods.

🙌 He is involved with this and doesn’t just “throw the coupons after”. So after his work he gets a reward. Who does not want that?

With pictures, videos, mini-games and much more you can design extraordinary actions. Shouldn’t you try it?

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