Scope of the offer: How specific should it be?

The offer should be equally visible to potential customers in the physical and digital space.

❔ This is easy to do with physical goods, but what about services?

❕ Putting a list of the scope of the offer on one’s own website is the minimum of transparency and information that should be made available to the customer.

❔ How specific do the details have to be? How detailed?

❕ Only components of the offer that should be an option for the customer need to be listed. For example, new rims could be optionally fitted when changing the tyres – this should be listed individually. Tightening the bolts, on the other hand, is an elementary component and does not need to be mentioned.

❔ How do you make it clear?

❕ A list can quickly become long and confusing. On a website, categories and dropdown menus are a good solution. This allows the customer to decide for himself how detailed he wants to see the range of offers. Search functions can also be helpful here.

👉 Whether you put concrete prices there can equally lead to more or less contact. This also depends on the local competition, among other things.

In any case, the offers should be listed in a clear and structured way!

Scope of the offer