Regional, national, global: Where is it worth selling?

Supporting a local business is a purchasing argument for many consumers, even in the digital space. On eBay, among other places, it is now possible to search specifically for small and/or local retailers.

🌏 The image of a local trader has a positive connotation. However, this does not mean that you therefore only have to offer your products in the region. Depending on the type of product, you also have to consider whether there is national or global interest.

🌏 As a German retailer, shipping products in Germany is no different in terms of effort than a regional strategy. Costs and packaging regulations are the same.

🌏 However, if you look beyond national borders, different regulations may apply. Within the EU customs union, the buyer does not have to reckon with duties, but outside they do.

❗ Especially the customs duties and higher shipping costs deter many customers.

💡 Nevertheless, cross-border sales are well compatible with the local image and if the effort involved does not exceed the additional turnover, one should take advantage of these sales markets.

The global markets are open and should be used!

Regional, national, global