Promotions: Raising awareness and image

In this case, ‘promotions’ do not mean discounts, but activities that are not directly related to the sale. What is important to pay attention to?

What is important to pay attention to?

🍲 Whether you’re doing a fundraising campaign, taking part in a charity event or setting up a project for refugees, for example. Doing good doesn’t mean you have to hide.

👉 On the contrary, you can, for example, also let your own customers participate and offer them a way to get involved. Do good, show good!

❗ Of course, it is important to think about who you are supporting with the actions or what the actions are achieving. Very controversial views are usually not conducive to business and can even have a negative impact.

💡 In general, social networks and newsletters are ideal for drawing attention to promotions. Successful campaigns lead to a better image and more attention, which ultimately also results in higher sales figures.

Participating in or organising actions is good, they just have to be appropriate!