Payment Methods Online: What Should I Offer?

There is now a wide range of payment service providers for online trading. What would make sense for your own business or service? Is more always better or are there too many choices?

💰 Here, too, it is important to find a good middle ground. After all, payment service providers do not work for free either. On the other hand, creating more opportunities for the customer can increase sales.

💰 Prepayment, for example, offers the retailer a great deal of security, but is unpopular with customers because of the extended waiting time. In addition, it is a great uncertainty for the customer with unknown dealers.

💰 Usually at least one payment service provider should be selected and payment by credit card is also a safe and easy method for both sides. In fact, it is common for customers to abandon the entire checkout process when there is no acceptable form of payment available to them. The most important factors are the security and speed of the transaction.

It is therefore worth diversifying the payment options for the customer.

Zahlungsmethoden Online: Was sollte ich anbieten?