Origin and sustainability: What should I label?

A change is slowly spreading in society that even retailers cannot ignore. Customers are increasingly asking about sustainability, production sites, working conditions and ingredients / materials.

So you have to ask yourself in the local shop and also online, what do I provide in terms of information and what do I perhaps mark in particular.

🍃 Especially seals such as ‘Fairtrade’ and of course the ‘eco-seal’ trigger a good feeling in customers and a higher probability of a positive purchase decision. So those who rely on such products should also make this clear.

🍃 Likewise, vegan products are increasingly in demand in all areas. It is no longer just a matter of nutrition. In addition, you can, for example, do without paper and offer the customer to send the invoice only by e-mail and only optionally in paper form, because many customers also prefer to process returns online instead of printing something out.

🍀 By the way, the awareness of the seals also plays an important role.

So you should highlight the special features of the products and, if necessary, also provide information about their origin and processing.