Online or offline? Where do people prefer to shop?

Online trading has exploded, especially during the pandemic. 2021 was exactly this time and statista conducted surveys as to which products are mainly bought online. People between the ages of 18 and 64 were interviewed.

👜 Clothing is the leader in online purchases. 42% of those surveyed preferred to buy these in the online shop, although they can of course only be tried on at home. Thanks to many free returns, this is still a successful model.

👜 Behind them are electronic devices, shoes and books (including films, music & games) with around 35% each. The same applies to shoes as to clothing. The other items can also be ordered without hesitation in the local shop without a sample.

👜 At the bottom are many everyday items, such as baby products, cosmetics, drugstore items and at the very end with 7% also groceries. Most people prefer to leave the house instead.

❗ Of course, the pandemic year is not representative of previous years, but the infrastructure of the online market is there and a large target group uses this opportunity.

That’s why you shouldn’t do without it.

online oder offline