Online complaints

Ratings, reviews and comments on your own website or in social media can vary greatly. One is happy about positive news, enquiries and good reviews. But of course there is also the other side.

How do I deal with complaints?

Regardless of whether the complaint comes by e-mail or directly as a comment visible to all, it is important to classify the complaint first.

1️⃣ Is it directly related to our products or to a partner, for example the delivery service?

2️⃣ Is it a real deficiency or a subjective feeling?

3️⃣ Are there any insults or illegal statements in the comment?

❗ On the last point, the comment should be deleted immediately in public. Of course, a screenshot can be taken beforehand and a complaint filed if necessary.

👉 The other two points are not necessarily your own fault, but you should still apologise for the inconvenience and then seek a conversation.

👉 De-escalation is the best remedy, especially in public discussions. In addition, responding positively to the customer often has an even better effect, as if there had been no problem at all, because the customer feels valued and is happy about the personal attention.

Delete insults, solve everything else elegantly That’s how it’s done!