Newsletter: What to consider

There are still enough flyers, brochures and catalogs in the mailbox. But you can also rely on the digital version, the newsletter.

But you should pay very close attention to a few things so that there is added value and it doesn’t end up in the digital trash can.

❕ In order not to get into trouble, the customer must agree to the newsletter. As a rule, a tick is set or removed. Subscribing shouldn’t be printed too “small”. It is just as simple to give the customer the opportunity to unsubscribe from this newsletter.

Structure, content and frequency are three crucial factors:

🥇 Showing offers, using pictures and making discounts visible is good. However, it should neither be completely overloaded nor chaotically arranged. Sometimes less is more.

🥈 Of course you can send the same newsletter to every user. However, individual offers that respond to the customer’s purchasing behavior would be better. Modern algorithms can be helpful here.

🥉 If you send an email every day or even several times a day, you will quickly be perceived as annoying. Twice a week should not be exceeded.

You should make an effort with a newsletter, otherwise it can turn negative.

Newsletter: Was zu beachten ist