Many comments: Do I have to read them all?

There are comment functions for customers and users on Google, the company’s own website, social media channels and various rating sites of online shops. Depending on the workload, many comments can quickly accumulate there.

Is it really important to read all the comments❔

🗣 Customer feedback is the most direct type of evaluation. Of course, negative comments in particular are not always factual and constructive, but the core message can still help with improvement.

🗣 So you should read through every comment, preferably even respond to each one – not just the negative ones. This way, the customer does not feel left alone and if other users look at the rating, you show that you take the concerns seriously and are actively working on them.

🗣 In the case of positive feedback, you are welcome to express your thanks and publish your pleasure about the pleasant shopping experience. This shows appreciation and increases the likelihood of recommendations.

So it’s best to read all comments and give a professional-friendly answer and offer assistance if necessary. 👍