Local: obstacle or opportunity

Regional’ and ‘local’ are two terms that are used a lot for advertising purposes and are associated with many positive emotions.

Why is this and does it benefit local businesses?

🌍 The term ‘regional’ has a somewhat broader definition and is not clearly regulated by law. It is perceived positively by customers, but does not have as strong a bond as the term ‘local’.

🌍 Everyone knows where they live, live, work and spend their leisure time. ‘Local’ for most customers means ‘here’, ‘right on the spot’ or ‘in the immediate vicinity’. Even though online retail is increasing, local goods can be offered and labelled here as well.

🌍 People want to have it nice where they live. That’s why there is a great willingness to support local shops – even if the price is a little higher than global competitors.

🌍 It brings a sense of cohesion to a city and the purchase arouses many positive emotions of having done something good.

👉 In the best case, people also know the shop or the owners and associate a face and a story with the product.

If you offer local goods, you should label them!