Digital channels: Which ones are worthwhile for me?

There are now so many digital channels available that it is easy to lose track. Some of them are particularly well suited for certain product presentations, others less so.

How should one use these channels?

🌠 The most important thing right at the beginning. If you decide on a channel, you should also deal with it professionally. Half-hearted actions are more likely to lead to a loss of image than to the positive attention that one would like to achieve.

🌠 Pictures are better than text, videos are better than pictures. Products can be easily presented and explained in videos. However, this does not exclude the use of text and images. Specific product information is particularly important, for example height, width, place of use, offers and so on.

🌠 Target group orientation is another point. Digital natives tend to be more on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, while Generation Z relies more on TikTok and Co.

Many channels help a lot, but you should think about the implementation beforehand. A professional approach ensures higher visibility in the digital space.

There can not be too many visitors on your own website! 😁