Decoy offers: Offline or online?

This is how loss-leader offers are used to create value!

There have been cases where bait offers have come under criticism because sometimes only one or two items of the offer were available. This can cause lasting damage to one’s own image.

There is no need for such “tricks” if the concept is approached properly.

👜 Particularly low-priced offers are perfect for cross-selling. Whether you offer pots with the cheap potting soil, a colouring book with the crayons or a few local recommendations in the service sector.

🛍 The offers work particularly well in the local market, of course, because here you get personal advice and are more inclined to buy a little more.

🚚 But this can also work well in the online shop. The minimum order value is of course decisive. If this has not yet been reached, customers have to order more than just the special offer. Free delivery can also be an incentive. If the promotional item costs 40 euros and from 50 euros one saves the shipping costs, people are happy to choose something else useful.

If you do it right, the lure offer is a value-adding tool.