Cooperation: Become visible together

Competition is good for business, but collaboration can do the same.

Making yourself visible in the digital space is not always easy. However, cooperation with other local dealers can help here.

🤝 If you pool your resources, then you can create projects that help everyone in the city, with names like “Holdenhausen Shopping Experience” or other creative ideas, dealers can come together under one roof.

🤝 Beautiful animations, pictures, videos and also links to the websites will be set here. This also reduces the costs for each individual participant.

🤝 In principle, this is comparable to a city guide for the local shopping world. There should be something for every area.

🤝 Of course, the quality of the cooperation website plays a major role. Professional work is recommended here.

🤝 You go one step further when you think about events as a community and, above all, appear together on social media. This increases the reach and gives every member an advantage.

Unite and achieve more!

Kooperation Teaser