Better communication: Highlight unique selling propositions

We communicate constantly. In today’s world, we are always informed about everything and consume information at record speed. Nevertheless, as a retailer, you should of course not post everything in social media without thinking. Well thought-out contributions, on the other hand, can make the difference compared to the competition.

It’s about the unique selling proposition. What does it all include?

👓 The product – The classic would be a product that clearly stands out from the competition. This can and should be made clear, also with seals of approval and further information.

👓 The service – customers are incredibly happy when they have to put in as little effort as possible to get their desired product. This does not only mean the shipping option, but possibly also an assembly service, set-up service or another type of support.

👓 Problem management – problems can arise anywhere for customers. Easy contact and competent help can improve the impression in the long term. The error quickly moves out of the negative view if it is solved skillfully and easily.

There are countless unique selling points. In any case, this should be made clearly visible to customers.

Bessere Kommunikation