Approachability: Does it help with sales?

Competence and good advice are qualities that most customers value highly. If one feels good about the purchase decision, then a positive feeling is solidified.

But you can also bring the customer closer to the shop outside of the pure sales process.

👉 One means to success here is called: Approachability!

☝ You should give your business a face. But nowadays it is no longer enough to simply place an advertisement or print your own face on brochures.

☝ Customers who don’t just shop “rationally” want to get a good feeling before they even start shopping.

👉 This is where social media and your own website come into play:

👍 You should tell your personal story.

👍 “Private” videos from everyday life are also welcome, for example in the manufacture of the products or on completely different topics – naturally target group-oriented!

👍 Personal questions may also be addressed, for example in comments.

The more you know about the retailer, the more willing you are to buy something there.

Approachability as a purchasing argument should not be underestimated.