Where is my target group on the move?

Social media are a great starting point to pick up your target group in their free time. Social ads are personalised and can be placed locally, regionally and nationally.

But what age structures are on the road and where?

💬 In fact, Meta continues to lead the pack. Facebook and Instagram are in the top 3 across most generations – only Gen Z drops out. Instead, this generation uses TikTok significantly more often.

💬 There are also differences in the frequency of use. There is a trend that younger generations in particular use social media more often – several times a day.

📌 If you add the geographical – and other – data to this age structure, effective target group approaches can be realised – regardless of whether it is a single shop or across several location

👉 The more social networks can be covered with advertising, the more efficient it is, of course. When prioritising, it is helpful to know how the age structure is built up.

Automated campaigns are quickly implemented and cost-optimised!

Where is my target group on the move?