Website: Is a revision necessary?

Many retailers and service providers have had their own website for a long time and provide information about or sell their products there.

Time is changing and new trends and also technical innovations are emerging all the time.

📱 Mobile websites are also not a novelty, but by now every retailer or service provider should offer a version of them.

📱 Simple operation and good clarity are the be-all and end-all. If a user cannot find his way around the website or finds it simply too cluttered (unserious), then there is a high probability that he will quickly leave the website.

📱 It just has to fit. Depending on the business model, different colour tones, shapes and elements are recommended.

📱 You are welcome to place pictures and videos. But be sure to pay attention to the quality here. High-resolution presentations also very quickly stand for high product quality in the mind of the potential customer. Of course, the sound quality must also be suitable here.

You should regularly check your website and bring it up to date.