Visibility: What does it mean on the gigantic internet?

Visibility as a “small business”? 🤔 Can we really do it?

The internet is global, gigantic and full of competition for your own business. Can you even keep up with the global players 🌍?

❗ Not being a multi-billion dollar company doesn’t mean you can’t design digital marketing strategies efficiently.

Local patriotism!🤠 Customers love to support their city and region – shopping at a local retailer feels more personal and simply better.

👉 Of course, you have to be found for that, and fortunately that’s no longer a problem either.

📍 On all major platforms, there are now search options like “local” or “small businesses”. This way, you mainly compete with traders and service providers from the surrounding area – pretty much the same as you are already used to offline.

📍 With targeted advertising measures, you can also target a specific region or even postcode. 🚀

Competitive advantages in visibility can be achieved primarily through a holistic marketing strategy that is tailored to the target group and acts on several channels at the same time – social media, personalised advertising, optimised landing pages, etc.

Visibility? 💪 Not a question of company size – whether large or small!