Using advantages: Offline trade offers potential

An omnichannel solution for retail distribution is a good approach. However, one should not only see the advantages of the online shop and social media, but also think about strategies in the local shop.

👫 The customer is always the centre of interest. Personal communication can achieve a bond that does not exist online. It is important to get to know the customer you are advising and to pass on this information to your colleagues.

👫 This is the only way to get an insight into the buying habits and wishes of customers. With this knowledge, strategies such as up-selling or cross-selling can be better implemented. Cross-selling is also a possibility in the online shop, but it is more difficult with up-selling.

👉 Knowing the latest trends and selling a higher-priced version of the desired item is only possible with structured teamwork.

💡 This increases retail sales and customer satisfaction.

The personal touch makes the difference. This advantage should be used!

Use advantages