Uniform appearance – on all channels

Uniform appearance – on all channels

A lot of time and heart and soul is often put into advertising templates. It is a creative and intensive process in which you want to show your best side to your customers and, especially in today’s world, you should pay close attention to the way you present yourself and your choice of words – today, reactions are felt in real time!

💡 Depending on where you want to use these advertising templates, various criteria must be met. Images may only have a certain size, videos only a specific length, texts only a given maximum number of characters and so on.

📌 This is exactly the problem we set our AI-supported software to address, because if you have invested so much time and effort in advertising templates, they should also be visible in the best quality on all channels.

👉 So you don’t need dozens of templates, just one. Upload, select channels and the campaigns are created. It couldn’t be simpler – and cost-optimised to boot!

Appear consistent on all channels!