Trends 2023: What should you do?

2023 has only just begun, but the trends are already foreseeable now.

📹 Something is moving and that is advertisements on the internet. Our brain is designed to pay attention to movement. For this reason alone, advertisements in video format are much better. We also pay attention to facial expressions, gestures, music and much more. This arouses emotions and customers are much more likely to be persuaded to buy with these than with text and images alone.

🌍 Sustainability is a trend that is becoming more important and interesting for customers every year. Environmental awareness makes purchasing decisions and no longer exclusively quality and price. So if you implement sustainable concepts, you should also use them as advertising media!

📈 Sales is a journey and not a simple click. From interest to desire to purchase, customers must be taken on a journey and as individually as possible. Of course, discount promotions are always a sales argument, but apart from that, customers need to feel well informed and advised so that they take action. Creating trust is important here.

If you follow these trends, nothing will stand in the way of a successful year!

Trends 2023