TikTok videos: A good marketing?

The Tiktok app was downloaded 25.7 million times worldwide via the Google Play Store in January 2022, according to Statista. This is an increase of 45 % compared to the previous year. There are about one billion users worldwide.

Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for marketing on the platform?

📹 Many companies are already on TikTok – more or less successfully. Videos created there have a maximum length of 60 seconds. Enough time for a bit of advertising, but it has to be accepted.

📹 A lot of creativity is needed to create content with added value for the target group in one minute and at the same time advertise your own business. No room for trivialities and no time for long ramblings.

📹 Then there is the regularity. One video per month is not enough here. You have to stay on the ball and make at least several video contributions per week – preferably even daily.

❗ So the quality of the contributions, the added value and the regularity are important. Professional help can produce great benefits, especially at the beginning.

Marketing on TikTok is a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

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