The wishes are ready for collection: local service needs a face!

The wishes are ready for collection!

With physical products, we often try to awaken desires. In the service sector, however, customers’ wishes are often already there.

Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful garden where they can relax or a renovated bathroom so that the old tiles from the 1980s can finally be replaced by a modern design?

💡 So the wishes don’t have to be created, but “only” transported to the surface.

🔧 Especially when it comes to service work like this, which has a long-term impact on quality of life, people are happy to place the order in local hands. People often say: “If something comes up, I can just pop round”.

👷 In addition, most customers assume that local service providers make more of an effort to ensure quality – in contrast to “big companies”.

📍 It doesn’t matter how many locations you have as long as you give your local service a face from the community – preferably via video adverts on social media.

Local hands are worth their weight in gold when it comes to marketing.

Wishes for collection