Small craft shops, big marketing?

You know them well from the inner cities. The watchmaker 🕰 , shoemaker 👞 , key maker 🔑 and many other smaller craft shops. They have a flair all their own when you look in or walk in.

What is the best way to present yourself in the digital space?

👉 This own flair is exactly what you should transport. Often, these are traditional shops that have been in the same place for many decades. You have to transport that into the digital space as well.

💝 Emotions are an important selling point, whether face to face or in local searches. A picture of the owner’s family, a nice story about the first hours and, of course, traditional handicraft – that’s how you stand out from your competition.

🤝 Many people appreciate the personal contact and the feeling that as a regular customer you are almost part of the family.

🔎 The big search platforms now all have categories where you can list small and local businesses. That shows its effect! So it doesn’t have to be a big marketing campaign or a high place in the search results.

Being ‘small and local’ can be a real selling point!

Small crafts shops