Simple, efficient, cost-optimised: Customer acquisition with local online marketing

Customer acquisition with the help of local online advertising…

…is not a new topic, but a lot has changed, especially in terms of methodology. Automated campaigns can be carried out in a very short time and reach a huge audience.

…has become easier, as the large amounts of user data make it possible to create personalised content and deliver it to the target group very easily through social ads.

…is more cost-efficient than before. It no longer takes large teams to launch a campaign. You just fill in some information and press a button.

…is therefore worthwhile for every size of company. Whether it’s a single branch / contact point or a large-scale operation – set exactly the right focus for every location.

…does not require much expertise for the users of the software. Everything is user-friendly and clear.

…is more human than ever. Pictures, videos, emotions provide a personal touch. Local patriotism is often the only patriotism that people in Germany in particular still like to show.

Online but local. Not a contradiction, but a recipe for success!

Customer acquisition