Showing face: The personal touch

The face conveys emotions and can send many signals to the other person. That’s why people always look at each other’s faces first when they meet. This forms the first impression of a person and is difficult to revise.

Especially in the digital space, faces are important.

👲 The internet is often described as a big, grey mass hiding in anonymity. But that has long since ceased to be the standard. All over social media you can see our faces, having fun on holiday or enjoying a delicious meal.

👲 This can also be used for your own business. A friendly face is welcoming when you come to a website or the official account on social media.

👲 The word ‘friendly’ is of course very relative here. In some industries authenticity is very important, in others a competent appearance counts as the measure of all things. So you can consciously decide how you want to face the customers.

❗ However, a high-quality image is very important here, and that applies to every industry!

Showing face and representing the business. That’s how it’s done!