Service providers: Are they at a marketing disadvantage?

Are service providers at a disadvantage in online marketing?

Advertising physical products or businesses seems easier at first than it is for a service. You take a few nice pictures, write something nice about it and the advertisement is ready.

👁‍🗨 In the analogue space, it is indeed more difficult for some service providers, because not everyone wants to renovate their home or have their garden done. So blanket advertising was not very profitable.

💻 Fortunately, this has changed in the digital space. Working with pictures and videos is no longer a problem. You can show a beautiful garden project or ideas for a classy bathroom. It’s also easy to present your own family business.

📌 Advertising does not have to reach every household, but only people who are interested in such offers and can become potential customers.

👉 Appearing high up in the search results at local level gives you an enormous advantage over the competition. Perception is the first step to more sales.

Service companies should not hide!