Search function in the online shop: When is it necessary?

The start of the online shop usually begins with a few products, because the optimal presentation and description takes a lot of time. Gradually, however, the assortment fills up.

When should a search function be installed❓

🔍 A clear sorting into categories is important, but not always sufficient. If the offers per category extend over several pages, a search function is recommended.

🔍 There is no absolute number above which a search function should be available; on the other hand, it can already be integrated in a small assortment. The rule here is: it is better if it is present and not needed than the other way round.

🔍 The type of search function also has a decisive impact on the willingness to buy. A live search constantly offers results and is convenient. If, on the other hand, the potential customer permanently encounters missing search results – even though the product is available in the shop – this can disrupt the purchase process.

Customers on the internet see the advantage of saving time. The online shop should support them in this.

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