Reach the target group – for little money

Outsourcing marketing is expensive, isn’t it?

Particularly in the case of a single or a few locations, one quickly asks oneself whether it is worthwhile at all to hand over the marketing or whether one can manage it more cheaply oneself.

📌 It’s still stuck in many people’s heads that paying fees for outsiders involves high costs. Basically, human labour is of course not cheap – that’s why we rely on as little of it as possible.

💡 No matter what your own company, business or service is like, there is a suitable campaign size for it – cost-optimised.

💡 You can manage the campaign completely in self-service and only have to make a few settings – intuitively designed.

💡 With the push of a button, you receive the campaign on all or individual channels, locally or regionally. You address the target group where you want to address them.

👉 Thanks to the high degree of automation of our software, advertising campaigns are affordable and flexible for any size of company.

You decide how you want to advertise!